Shopping for psychedelic tapestries

Trippy tapestries are a great way to decorate your home and have seen a huge popularity rise in recent years. The combination of crazy colours and a hippie style pattern, makes them ridiculously popular in the boho scene. If you spend just 5 minutes on Pinterest or Tumblr you are bound to find a crazy amount of images with trippy bedroom tapestries.

So why are these tapestries so popular at the moment? Well there are a number of reasons we need to examine! First of all, psychedelic tapestries see a huge sales spike in the summer. This is because of festivals, people wanting to use them as picnic blankets and just because they are summery.

If you check out this image below as an example, you can see why they are popular with the hippie boho crowd. It has bright positive colours, a nature theme and looks very ‘hip’.


When it comes to getting yourself a trippy tapestry, there are many different options available to you. If you’re just looking for a trippy tapestry collection to browse through you can have a look at toptapestries. There website has a lot of different wall hangings from different websites all collected into categories. You can also check out the big guns like Etsy and Amazon who are always a reliable source.

Another option is of course to make your own tapestry! You can do this in whichever way you please but tie dying is by far the easiest. All you have to do is get yourself a cheap tie dye kit from amazon and a big blank sheet to use as the tapestry. There are tonnes of great tutorials online that you can check out if you need some help.


If you’re on a major budget then toptapestries also have a page dedicated to cheap tapestries. Tapestries can be expensive from places like Society6 so if you’re looking for your first one, just get a nice cheap one to try out.

If you do decide to go down the home made route, this is a good tutorial on how to make your own. You don’t have to have fantastic art skills if you’re making a tapestry with tie dye!