Boho Jewelry

There seems to be a huge trend at the minute which involves hippie, gypsy and boho jewelry. After doing a little research into boho style I started to understand where it originated and perhaps why so many young people are picking up the trend. Companies like boho-chic and have picked up on the trend and are selling some very pretty pieces of jewelry. I think the trend is fantastic. It shows that young people are starting to turn more towards a more loving lifestyle and forgetting the fear and negativity portrayed in the media.

boho jewelry

This ring is a great example of the boho jewelry young people are wearing. It very often has a heavy nature theme and can sometimes be very extravagant. I personally believe this trend is going to continue to grow and we will see more and more people copping the style.

It isn’t just young people following the boho trend though. I have seen a lot of middle aged women wearing boho rings, necklaces and bracelets. These seem to be people perhaps from the hippie era who are probably delighted to see the fashion is picking up again!

If you’re looking to get yourself some boho jewelry, there are a number of options. Beluga Boho have very fair prices and a wide variety. Boho-chic are also a really great source and have some beautiful stuff.

If you don’t want to buy jewelry you could perhaps try making your own. Boho jewelry is very often hand made out of items found in nature. Things such as shells, crystals and feathers are perfect for creating your own unique style. Although not everyone wants to spend time making their own jewelry, it is a good way to channel your creative self and create something original.

Hope you have enjoyed this small post and remember to shop smart!